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Cute and classy, with a dash of cozy and sassy. We design, make, and sell a fine selection of mostly hardwood pins, jewelry, and delightful shinies.

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We're a trans, queer, PoC owned small business based in the Pacific Northwest. We're an LGBTQIA+ friendly company and a proud supporter of other small businesses in the Puget Sound area.

By supporting us you're by extension supporting local queer-owned businesses that we work with, and making it possible for us to continue to bring goodness and joy into this world!

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Event Schedule

As the Pacific Northwest's vaccination rate increases, events are happening again! Here are the conventions, events, and other things that you'll find Sevenish Magpies at.

  • GeekCraft Expo PDX - 9/25-26 2021

  • GeekCraft Expo Seattle - Dates TBA

  • Capitol Hill PrideFest - Dates TBA

Our Story

Okay, "we" are actually a one person operation. Hi, I'm Wing! (Pronouns: She/They)

Years ago I wanted a pronoun pin that I could wear on my bag everyday, and ended up making my own. That's the pin you're seeing here.

Flash forward to 2019, and I realized that my old job was literally killing me. With the encouragement of my therapist, a coven of tea witches, and a flyer for a free "how to start your own business" workshop at the local library, I left that job.

A week later, I dusted off my old pronoun pin designs, did some paperwork, and this whole Sevenish Magpies business was born!

Want to see our shiny things in the wild? You can find them in these lovely shoppes!

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